About Moxie

I'm a teacher, scientist, researcher, foodie & so much more...


I worked with an Indigenous community, 500 miles east of the Bering sea to build a science curriculum with the Elders - to preserve & teach the language they could have nearly forgotten.


Through science field-work, photography, & analyzing social issues- I quickly realized that education, food, & sustainable business could help give others opportunities to succeed.


Science isn't being taught as much in local schools, children aren't being asked as much to solve problems in mathematics or to design their own experiments. 


My curriculum gives them the chance to do that, and I can't wait to work with your students! 


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Founder Moxie & Mynx


Our Mission

We want to create the best foundations for Math & Science so children can feel like they have the moxie to be the scientists/engineers/people they dream to be by making science more accessible to students in a way that they would be able to continue to practice every day when they go home.


We provide a space for children to actively design their own experiments, to ask questions, & to build engineering skills by working with technology- and discover their inner-moxie.